19. Disputing the Bill

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A: There are some charges on the final bill that are incorrect.

B: Okay, sir. Can you tell me which ones are in dispute?

A: I never ordered this movie "The Care Bears Christmas."

B: Are you sure your kids didn't order it?

A: I don't have any kids. Besides I was at the theater at that time.

B: All right, I'll take that charge off your bill. Anything else?

A: Yeah, I didn't drink 4 bottles of Grey Goose from the minibar.

B: I remember you calling for more vodka, sir.

A: Yeah I ordered three more bottles, but I didn't drink any of them.

B: Maybe you don't remember drinking the additional three bottles?

A: What are you trying to say, that I'm an alcoholic?

B: No, sir. I'm just reading what is in our system.