15. Preparing to Move Out

A: Honey, where are the kitchen utensils?

B: I have no idea, Alicia. They're in one of these boxes.

A: I can't believe how much work is involved in moving out.

B: I didn't expect this, either.

A: I hope this is the last time we move in a while.

B: Me, too. I thought it was just a matter of calling a moving company, but wow!

A: That's just the beginning. Everything has to be organized, and packed first.

B: It's a good thing the kids are helping.

A: Yes, and your brother, too. His truck has made this easier.

B: We've stayed in this house for a long time.

A: Yes. It's time to move, but I don't want to go through this again.

B: We won't, Alicia. Remember, we got the house we wanted.