7. Describing People (1)

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A: Dude, I forgot to tell you, I'm going out with Sarah.

B: Which one is Sarah? You date so many girls that I get confused.

A: First off, I don't date that many girls, and secondly you're always confused.

B: True. So, which one is she? Is she in your class?

A: Nope. She's the girl from the restaurant we go to in downtown.

B: From Green Bamboo? Which girl?

A: The cute one. You know the one with the tattoo up her thigh?

B: I think I would have noticed that.

A: She's the only one with blonde hair.

B: Well, why didn't you just say that? That's Sarah?

A: Well, I know you check her out. I assumed you saw the tattoo.

B: I'm not that big of a pervert.