17. Sports (3)

A: Can you explain baseball to me?

B: I can try to explain the basics. What do you want to know?

A: What are strikes?

B: Every batter has three strikes. When they get three strikes, they are out.

A: Okay, but what about when the umpire calls a ball?

B: Once an umpire calls four balls, then the batter goes to first base.

A: What happens when a pitcher hits a batter with the ball?

B: The batter goes to first base.

A: What if someone is on first base?

B: Then whoever was on first base goes to second base.

A: Oh, okay. What's a no-hitter?

B: A no-hitter is when a team doesn't get a hit throughout the game.

A: So, that's a good thing for the pitcher?

B: Yes, because that means he pitched really well.