2. Making a Plane Reservation

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A: Thank you for calling Eagle Airline.

B: I would like to book a round trip flight from Los Angeles to New York City

A: What date do you want to leave Los Angeles?

B: I want to leave on September 1st.

A: Do you prefer a morning flight?

B: Can you get me on a red-eye out of LAX?

A: I can book you on an overnight flight that will get you into New York City at 6 a.m.

B: Make sure I land in JFK not LaGuardia airport

A: Okay, so I have you on an overnight flight from Los Angeles International Airport leaving at 10 p.m. to JFK.

B: I don't want to have anyone climbing over me to use the bathroom while I sleep, so I want a window seat.

A: I will put you in window seat 13A.

B: Make sure that isn't an exit row because I don't want to have to help in an emergency.