8. Carry-on Luggage

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A: You are allowed two carry-on items on this flight.

B: Can I bring on this suitcase?

A: It looks smaller than 45 inches, so it should fit in the overhead compartment.

B: I don't want to put my computer bag in the overhead though.

A: The laptop bag can go underneath the seat in front of you.

B: It's cold in Buffalo, so can I bring my coat?

A: Your coat doesn't count as a carry-on.

B: I have a separate bag with a tuna sandwich I just bought.

A: The bag of food doesn't count as a carry-on.

B: This pillow doesn't fit in my bag either and I need it for the flight.

A: You can bring a pillow or blanket, too.

B: I forgot my blanket at home.