1. Mike and Maria (A)

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It was a Sunday morning at Mike and Maria's house. The clock had just struck eight. Maria had awoken from bed and was cleaning out the eye boogers from her eyes. Mike was still sound asleep.

It was another beautiful day in the state of California. Maria loved to wake up early in the morning and cook breakfast. Mike, on the other hand, would much rather sleep in. Maria made sure to wake up Mike by offering him a home-cooked breakfast Mike could never refuse. "Wake up, Mike. It's time to rise and shine," she said, shaking him back and fourth. Mike covered his face with a pillow and let out a long groan. "It's too early, Maria. Can't we keep sleeping?" he asks. "It's Sunday for goodness sake!" Maria pulls the pillow from his face and taps his face with her hand. "Come on! Wake up! I'm going to cook breakfast. I'm making pancakes and eggs, your favorite," she says to Mike, hoping to get him out of bed. Mike reluctantly gets out of bed and walks to the kitchen. He could not say no to pancakes for breakfast. Maria made the best pancakes in the world. He was indifferent about eggs. Maria did not know about this.

The sun peered through the window and blinded him. He closed the shutters to block the sunlight. Maria began to cook, while Mike served himself a tall glass of orange juice. Mike sat down at the kitchen table and let out a big yawn. Unlike Maria, he was not an early bird. Maria finished cooking the eggs and pancakes, and served both herself and Mike the food. She sat down with Mike and had a conversation while eating breakfast.

1. Mike and Maria (B)