2. The First Encounter (A)

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Mike and Maria were both in their late twenties and were from a middle-class background. Mike had met Maria at a coffee shop when he was twenty-two years old. Maria was working at the coffee shop at the time, and Mike was a regular customer who always stopped by to get his morning coffee before work. Mike had long noticed Maria and had been planning on asking her out on a date. This was not so easy for Mike to do. He was quite the shy guy, and seeing Maria always made him feel a little nervous. Maria was the most beautiful person Mike had ever seen. Maria had light skin and long brown hair; she also had blue eyes and a petite nose. Mike felt he was not handsome enough for her.

Mike also had light skin; he had short black hair and brown eyes. He was not unattractive, but seeing Maria sure made him feel subpar. One morning, as Mike was waiting in line to get his morning coffee, he decided that today was the day. He was tired of waiting around for something to happen. He knew Maria would never ask him, so he might as well be the one. He was going to ask Maria out on a date. It was now or never, he thought. Mike fidgeted as he waited in line, thinking of what words to say to her. He rehearsed it in his head and decided on what to say. Thankfully, the line for coffee was long. This gave him plenty of time to think it through. He wanted it to be perfect. First impressions, after all, are long lasting. He made his plan. He would first start by introducing himself, and then have a bit of small talk with her. The line moved forward and soon it was his turn to order. He walked up to the counter.

2. The First Encounter (B)