45. Mike and Doug's Meet-up (A)


Mike was home alone for a few hours. Maria had gone out to see a friend form high school. He was sitting down on the couch watching the news. It was a lazy Sunday afternoon. Mike decided to give his best friend a call. He grabbed his cell phone and dialed Doug's number. The phone rang for a few seconds. "Hello," Doug answered. "Hey, Doug, it's Mike. What are you up to?" Mike asked.

Doug told Mike that he was at the video store returning some movies. Mike invited Doug to come over and hang out for a bit. "Sure, Mike. I'll head over in few," Doug responded. Mike said thanks and hung up the phone. Doug arrived shortly and knocked on the door. Mike answered the door and let Doug inside. "Hey, Doug. Come on in," Mike said to Doug. Doug patted Mike on the back and asked him how he was.

Mike said he was feeling pensive. Doug sat down on the living room couch. Mike offered Doug a drink. Doug asked him if he had any beers. Mike was not allowed to have any drink in the apartment. "Sorry, Doug, it's Maria's rule," Mike explained.

Doug then asked Mike for some Coca-Cola. "That I'm allowed to have in the house," Mike said to Doug. Mike went to the kitchen and grabbed a few soda cans for him and Doug. He came into the living room and sat with Doug. He opened the coke can and took a drink from the cold can.


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