59. Fishing with Dad (A)

The sun was beaming high overhead, and Mike was mildly anxious. He had already met Maria's mother not too long ago, and although their relationship had started off rocky, it had evolved into a mutual and loving friendship. Maria nudged over at Mike and asked, "You're not nervous, are you honey? This is the first time you're really meeting my dad. I'll understand if you're nervous, but he is a nice guy."

Mike, snapping out of a daydream where he had met Henry, Maria's father, and made a fool out of himself, replied, "I'm sure it'll be fine. Your mother gave me a hard time at first, but she came around. After all, who can deny someone as handsome as me?" Maria rolled her eyes and gave a look of disbelief. She knew deep down that her dad would like Mike. Finally arriving at San Diego, Mike and Maria rolled into Janet and Henry's driveway. Mike stepped outside his car and right away noted the extreme weather differences from Pasadena.

"It's like twenty degrees hotter here. I hope you brought sunscreen," said Mike to Maria. "I sure did," replied Maria. Henry stepped out of the house and threw his arms up at the first sight of his daughter. "Maria, come here!" he said. Maria ran into her father's arms. With tears in her eyes, she replied, "I've missed you so much, Dad." Henry stole a glance at Mike and saw a friendly look on his face. To Henry, Mike seemed a nice enough fellow to approach.

"So you're going to be my son-in-law. How are you, Mike? Good, I hope. Long drive down here, eh? It's not so cold like in Pasadena." Mike remained quiet for a second, unsure of what to say. "It sure is hotter here," Mike finally answered back. He continued, "We're supposed to go fishing, right? I've brought the equipment we need. I say the sooner get started, the better, so Janet and Maria can cook up some dinner before sunset."

"That's smart thinking! I already like him better than your last boyfriend," said Henry with a laugh. Maria chuckled and rolled her eyes. She kissed Henry and Mike goodbye. Mike and Henry were going fishing by themselves. Maria told Mike to have fun and not to worry about her and watched them drive away to the marina. They reach the marina and set up the equipment. They rented out a boat and set off on their fishing trip.

59. Fishing with Dad (B)