3. A Telephone Call (B)

3. A Telephone Call (B)

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Maria: Hello?
Mike: Hello. Is this Maria speaking?
Maria: Yes, this is her speaking.
Mike: Hi! This is Mike from the coffee shop. We spoke five days ago.
Maria: Mike! Yes, I remember you. How are you? I thought you had forgotten about me.
Mike: I'm doing well. How are you? How could I ever forget a face like yours?
(Maria blushed over the phone.)
Maria: I'm feeling fine, thank you.
Mike: I'm sorry I didn't call sooner. I've been kind of busy these last few days. I hope you can understand.
Maria: That's alright, no worries. I figured you were the busy type by the look of your clothes.

(Mike worked at an office, and had to wear a tie for work every day.)
Mike: It's just on the weekdays that I'm mostly occupied. But this Friday I'm free. Would you like to grab something to drink on that day?
Maria: Sure, as long as it's not coffee.
(They both laughed over the telephone.)
Mike: Sure, not a problem. How about we have dinner instead? How does that sound to you?
Maria: That sounds fine. Can you pick me up at seven from my apartment?
Mike: Yes, I can! Alright, dinner at seven. It's a date.
Maria: I'll message you my address. Where would you want to eat?
Mike: Anywhere you like.
Maria: Do you have any suggestions?
Mike: I know this perfect Chinese restaurant on Atlantic Avenue. They serve the best Kung Pao Chicken in town.
Maria: That sounds appetizing. Let's go there.
Mike: Great! So, it's settled then, Chinese cuisine at seven o'clock. I will pick you up in my car at seven on the dot. Bring an empty stomach.
Maria: Okay! Will do, Mike. Thank you.
Mike: I'll see you then. Bye.
Maria: Goodbye.
(Mike and Maria were looking forward to seeing each other this Friday night.)


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