36. Going to the Arcade (B)


Maria: I have never played with the Nintendo 64 before.
Mike: Don't worry. I'll show you. I have Super Mario. It's a classic.
Maria: Alright. How do you play?
(Mike gives Maria the controller and begins to show her what each button does.)
Mike: This is the control stick. You use it to move. You jump with the A button, then press the B button three times to kick, and the Z button to crouch. Give it a try and press start! I'll show you some other moves along the way.
(Maria begins to play.)
Maria: When did you first start playing video games?
Mike: A few of my friends influenced me in middle school. I would also like to say my dad influenced me as well. His favorite arcade game is Galaga. He is also the best at playing it compared to anyone else I know.
Maria: Oh, I see. That's neat.
Mike: Hey, Maria? I just realized. It has been a while since I've gone to the arcade.
Maria: Same here.
Mike: Want to go right now?
Maria: Yeah. Let's go.
(Mike and Maria begin to get ready. Then they go out on their way to the arcade. When arriving, Mike buys several tokens for him and Maria to play the arcade games.)
Maria: I'm going to play Pac-Man! I haven't played that game in a while.
Mike: I'll be over here playing Galaga!
(After a few rounds, Maria loses and heads over to where Mike is playing.)

Maria: I lost. How are you doing? What level are you in?
Mike: Level thirty-two! I'm trying to beat my own score of one hundred and three! Still have yet to beat my dad's score.
Maria: What's his highest score?
Mike: One hundred and ninety seven.
Maria: That's impressive!
(After a few more levels, Mike loses.)
Mike: No! Only level seventy eight! It's been a while since I have played.
(Maria laughs.)
Maria: Well, it was fun watching you play. You had the most intense facial expression.
(Maria imitates Mike's face and then they both laugh.)
Maria: Hey! Want to play a round of Mortal Combat with me?
Mike: Sure!
(After a round, Maria wins.)
Mike: No! How did you beat me?
Maria: I am the best player at Mortal Combat.
Mike: I let you win. I'll be hard on you next time.
Maria: Sure you did, Mike.
(Maria laughs and Mike smiles. They split up and continue to play at the arcade on their own for another hour. After playing, Mike and Maria met up.)
Mike: I'm getting hungry. Want to grab something to eat before we head home?
Maria: I'm hungry too. I'm in the mood for some pizza
Mike: That sounds good. Let's go!
(Mike and Maria leave the arcade and head over to their favorite pizza place.)
Mike: What do you want on our pizza?
Maria: Pepperoni, mushrooms, and black olives.
Mike: Mind if I add green peppers?
Maria: No, go ahead! I like green peppers.
Mike: Alright.
(Mike and Maria place their order and wait at their table.)


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