37. Going to a Pancake House (B)

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Mike: Hey, Maria. Wake up. It's your birthday.

(Maria removes the cover from her face.)

Maria: What did you say?

Mike: Wake up! It's your birthday!

(Mike begins to sing the Happy Birthday song. After he finishes, Mike gives Maria a hug and kisses her on the cheek.)

Maria: You are so sweet. Thank you, Mike.

Mike: Here, I bought you a gift.

(Mike grabs the gift and hands it over to Maria.)

Mike: Open it!

(Maria smiles and opens the box. She carefully pulls out a necklace, a dress, and a photo of the two of them in a frame.)

Maria: I love it so much! Thank you, Mike. I love you.

Mike: I love you, too. Now get up and get dressed. I am taking you out for breakfast.

Maria: Where are we going?

Mike: It is a surprise.

(Maria smiles and gets out of bed.)

Maria: Alright. Let me take a shower first.

Mike: Hurry up!

(As soon as Mike and Maria are ready to go, they head out the door and drive away.)

Maria: I don't like surprises. Please tell me where you're taking me?

Mike: Don't worry. You'll love it.

(Mike and Maria arrive at the pancake house.)

Maria: It's the pancake house! I haven't been to IHOP in quite a while!

Mike: I knew you'd be excited. Let's go inside.

(Mike and Maria enter the pancake house. A waiter assigns them a table for two.)

Waiter: Here are the menus. I'll leave you two alone for a bit and be back in a few minutes.

(The waiter leaves, and Mike and Maria look through the menu. After a few minutes, the waiter returns.)

Waiter: Are you two ready to order?

Maria: Yes. Blueberry pancakes with a side of hash browns and bacon.

Waiter: And what about you, sir?

Mike: I think I'll have the chocolate chip pancakes with scrambled eggs and bacon on the side.

Waiter: Any drinks?

Maria: I'll have coffee.

Mike: Same here.

Waiter: Alright. Your meal will be ready in about fifteen minutes.

(The waiter walks away.)

Maria: It smells so good in here. The smell reminds me of my grandmother's house. It always smells nice at my grandmother's house. She makes great pancakes, too. Thank you for bringing me here, Mike. This was a good idea.

Mike: You're welcome, Maria. It's been a while since I have been here myself.

(Mike and Maria share the silence for a few seconds.)

Mike: What would you like to do after this, Maria? This is your day.

Maria: Let me think about it.

(After a few minutes, the waiter arrives with their meal.)

Waiter: Here you go. I hope you enjoy it.

Mike: Thank you.

Maria: This looks so good. I hope I can finish it all.

Mike: If you don't, I'll finish it for you.

(Maria laughs. Then they begin to eat.)

Maria: This tastes so good.

Mike: Have you decided on what we should do after?

Maria: Let's go to the arcade.

Mike: Sounds good to me.