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George: Wow, look at the line! It's worse than I expected. We're lucky we got here an hour early. Or else we would definitely have had problems getting good seats. I'm glad we made the effort to come early.

Heather: Me too. I learned my lesson the last time I went to a premier opening. I didn't arrive early enough and ended up with a terrible seat all the way in the front row! Believe me, it was one of the worst movie experiences ever.

George: Yeah! I hate sitting in the first row.

Heather: By the way, it was really thoughtful of you to get this ticket for me. Why don't I show you a bit of appreciation by getting you some popcorn and a drink?

George: That would be great!

Heather: OK. What kind of soda do you want?

George: Let me see... I'll take a large Coke. As for the popcorn, medium size will do. Thanks a lot.

Heather: I better get going. You hold my place and I'll be back real quick. Oh... I almost forgot. I better hold on to my ticket stub in case you get let in before I get back. If that happens, just save me a seat and I'll meet you inside.

George: Okay. It's a plan.

(Ten minutes later... inside the theater.)

George: Over here Heather, on your left!

Heather: There you are!

George: Here you go! I saved this seat just for you.

Heather: Thanks. Here's your popcorn and Coke. Sorry it took me so long. There was a huge line at the counter.

George: That's OK. Thank you so much. I love popcorn. Did you add butter?

Heather: Yes I did. I thought you might like butter on your popcorn. I'm glad I made it back before the trailers started. I like trailers. They're part of the whole movie-going experience.

George: I think so too. Even though they're just previews, they tend to be quite entertaining. You know movie trailers are a fundamental marketing tool for production companies. They greatly affect the initial appeal and overall gross profits of a film.

Heather: Speaking of which, I think the trailers are about to begin. Let's sit back and enjoy.