By Arif Siswanto, Michele Moreno

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George: So... what did you think about the movie?

Heather: Well... I think this "Star Wars" episode is an excellent piece of work. But not as good as the previous ones.

George: Really? I don't agree. This "Star Wars" episode was incredible!

Heather: Why do you think so?

George: Well, one of the most spectacular things about it are the special effects. State of the art special effects are the main reason for the success of the previous episodes, so audiences bear high expectations on this one. And I don't think they'll be disappointed.

Heather: You're right. The special effects were amazing! And I like that fact that they created so many fantastic settings and other-worldly costumes, weapons and creatures.

George: It's kind of cool that they still use the same "Star Wars" theme song for this movie.

Heather: Yeah! It reminds me of the previous "Star Wars" scenes.

George: I know exactly what you mean! Hearing that song gives me a nostalgic feeling.

Heather: I thought the overall plot of the movie was very interesting. But I don't think the character development was that strong.

George: Do you think that had anything to do with the casting of the movie?

Heather: No, the casting is great, the actors were excellent. They just didn't have a lot of funny or meaningful dialogue. The writing was a little weak.

George: Well, maybe, but I like the little kid who played young "Anakin Skywalker". I can't imagine anyone else playing that role.

Heather: I liked him too. He's soooo cute! You know, even though I was slightly disappointed, I can't wait for the next episode. I wonder when they're going to start making it and when it's scheduled for release?

George: I have no idea. But looking at the success of this "Star Wars" episode, I have a strong feeling production for the following episode will begin pretty soon. I hope it'll be even better than this one.

Heather: I hope so, too.

George: Well, I think we should go now. It's getting pretty late.

Heather: OK. Let's go.