68. Does It Hurt?


Jenny went to the lake. She went to the lake with her dad. It was a big lake. It was a big, blue lake. It had a lot of water in it. It had a lot of fish in it. Big fish were in the lake. Little fish were in the lake. Jenny didn't see any fish. "I don't see any fish. Where are the fish, Daddy?" she asked. "They're swimming around. They're looking for food," her dad said. Dad put a worm on a hook. "Does the hook hurt the worm?" Jenny asked. "No, the hook doesn't hurt the worm," her dad said. "How do you know?" she asked. "How do I know?" her dad asked. "Well, the worm doesn't say anything. So I guess the hook doesn't hurt it." Jenny said, "But how can the worm say anything, Daddy? The worm can't talk!"

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