111. Library Resources

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Most people think that their local city or county public library is just a place to borrow books. The truth is that modern public libraries are for more than just reading. Libraries are also places for music, movies, and other forms of entertainment. Most libraries today have compact discs and DVDs for people to borrow, just like they borrow books. If people don't want to pay for a subscription for a specific newspaper or magazine, libraries also usually have copies for people to read at their local branch or to borrow and take home to read.

While some people worry that paper books and periodicals are going out of fashion because of digital technology, libraries are using tech to their advantage. Most public library systems now offer electronic versions of books for patrons to download. These downloads are good for a limited time, just like when someone borrows a physical book from the library. A patron can download these e-books directly to their tablets or e-readers.

For those who like a more audio experience, many libraries also offer audiobooks, and mp3 music downloads. These downloads are also usually for a limited time, but just like when borrowing books, they are free. Libraries also increasingly offer movies for their patrons to borrow digitally.

Libraries are also great places to socialize. Many libraries have clubs and meetings that cater to a wide variety of interests. There are knitting clubs, lectures on different topics, and of course, reading and writing clubs.

For those looking to better themselves, many public libraries offer resources. There is tutoring for students from elementary school through college. There are classes for those who want to practice their English or become U.S. citizens. There are even workshops to help people create resumes, find jobs, and prepare for interviews.

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