112. Finding a Job in California

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Finding a job in California is not an easy task. One of the most important factors in finding a job is having completed a course of study in college. This is not as easy as it may sound. Many young people have not found their field of interest. Some go to college simply because their parents want them to.

A degree from an institution of higher learning will definitely increase employment opportunities for most people. However, there are numerous professions available to people that do not have a degree. To help these people find jobs, the state of California has an Employment Development Department that is dedicated to helping people find jobs. The EDD has offices located throughout the state. Many of these offices have Work Source centers, where a person can visit, and use EDD computers to find jobs, and meet with employment representatives.

Other resources available to job seekers are employment agencies. Employment agencies work closely with companies of all sizes to help fill the needs of these companies. The agencies serve as pre-screeners for these companies, some of which may not have the resources to handle new hires. Some of these agencies seek specific people to fill specific jobs, while others help anyone who comes into the office.

Internships are another way for people to gain employment. Interns are not paid for their work, or are paid very little. The purpose of an internship is for the company to see first-hand how a person works before hiring them. By using this method, employers gain insight into the workers' character and work ethic. Interns gain valuable experience they can use for future jobs.

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