122. Couch Potatoes


More and more people in the United States are becoming couch potatoes. This doesn't mean that they are turning into a root that can be cooked and eaten. The actual potato is a lot more useful than a person who sits on their sofa watching television or playing video games. One of the reasons why obesity rates are going up in the country is because more and more entertainment is available on television. Now television is not just for watching shows, people can watch movies, play video games, and even surf the Internet. Potatoes and sofas have other things in common, too. When most people are on their couches interacting with television, they are also often eating snacks like potato chips. This is why so many people in the United States are overweight.

Being a couch potato can have other health risks besides weight gain. Because more and more people are sitting in front of a television screen or even a computer screen, they aren't engaging in other physical activities like exercising. This is one reason why heart disease is a leading cause of death in the country. Another problem caused by this lack of exercise and increased screen time is weakness in muscles. There is an impact on people's mental and emotional health, too. Sitting inside in front of a screen usually means a person is spending less time interacting with friends and loved ones. This can lead to isolation, depression, and anxiety.

Being a couch potato is not just for adults. More and more kids are being targeted by television and the Internet. This is why more and more children have weight-associated health problems. This is why the White House has programs like Let's Move, encouraging kids to engage in physical activity.

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