131. D.B. Cooper Lives On (1)

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Where is D.B. Cooper? Who is D.B. Cooper really? Is he still alive? Did he spend the stolen $200,000? Did his parachute fail to open? No one knows the answers, except D.B. Cooper.

On Nov. 24, 1971, an airline passenger later identified as D.B. Cooper called the stewardess to his seat in the back of the plane. He was alone. He gave her a note that said he was carrying a bomb. He would blow up the bomb if she didn't follow all of his instructions. He opened the bag on his lap and showed her its contents. It looked like six sticks of dynamite connected with wires to an alarm clock. The stewardess gasped.

She went to the cockpit and told the pilot of the 727 what D.B. had told her. The pilot followed D.B.'s instructions. The plane landed at Tacoma Airport in Washington and refueled at the end of the runway, far away from other planes and vehicles. D.B. ordered all passengers off. He asked for four parachutes and $200,000 in cash. The FBI got the parachutes and the money. The money was marked. All of it was delivered to Cooper.

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