197. Man Invents Toilet for Cars

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"People have been traveling by car for 100 years. My invention is long overdue. Who hasn't had an emergency while traveling? Sometimes you're miles from the nearest gas station or McDonald's. Everyone knows that when you gotta go, you gotta go," said Phil Bole.

Phil has invented a chemical toilet for vehicles. One size fits all (vehicles and people). It is made from recycled materials. It never smells bad, he claims. Between uses, it can be stored in the trunk. When the toilet is full, an adult or child can compress it into the size of a bowling ball. The waste matter in the toilet is continuously being absorbed by chemicals and bacteria. Eventually, all the waste matter turns into a pile of dry crumbs. The toilet can be dropped into any trash can at any time.

Phil tested his invention while on a two-week vacation with his wife and four young kids. He said that the kids loved it. His wife didn't.

"Nothing on Earth could make me use that disgusting thing!" she told him. He pleaded with her, saying that he had invented the toilet primarily for women and kids. He needed a woman's blessing so the toilet would sell. "No woman would ever use this thing!" she responded.

"My wife's sort of a prude," Phil said one day to Bret, his mechanic. After much thought, Phil finally figured out how to make his wife love his invention: he made a pink toilet covered with yellow flowers. "What more could a woman want?" he asked while showing it to Bret. Bret said it was a beautiful and a practical gift. And since his wife's birthday was the following week, Bret ordered a toilet. "Your wife will remember this birthday forever!" Phil promised Bret.

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