220. It's All Over

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"I don't have anything to do with her anymore," Robert swore to his girlfriend Wanda. Yet he admitted that Sharon, his ex-girlfriend, was still sending him emails. He said that he had stopped responding to her emails a year ago, when he and Wanda had started dating. Then why was she still sending emails to him, Wanda demanded. Robert said he figured that she was lonely. He didn't really know, because he always deleted her emails without reading them.

"So," Wanda asked, "you told her that you and I were dating, and you told her to stop emailing you. Yet she continued sending you emails. But you always deleted them without reading them. Is that correct?" Robert answered yes, that was 100 percent correct. "I don't believe you," Wanda said.

She believed that something was going on. She believed that they were playing her for a fool. It takes two to tango. Robert was not only reading, but also responding to, every email that Sharon sent him. As far as Wanda was concerned, Sharon still loved Robert and he wasn't discouraging her. He said he was through with Sharon, but his phone was often busy late at night when Wanda tried to call him. When Wanda asked who he was talking to, he always said it was his investment company.

"Why don't you just block her emails, then you won't have to bother deleting them?" Wanda asked. Robert said he hadn't thought about doing that. A day later, Wanda sent Robert something else he hadn't thought about, a Dear John email. It was short and to the point: "Have a nice life with Sharon."

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