239. Honoring G.W. Bush

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A group in San Francisco is "honoring" former President G.W. Bush by proposing to name a new wastewater treatment plant after him.

"We hope that this will catch on nationwide," said activist Bill Maher. "Every state should have a wastewater treatment plant named after Bush." In addition, Maher's group is offering $5 to the person who comes up with the best new word for their online "Bush Dictionary." The word must refer to Bush somehow, such as "garbush can" for garbage can, "bushfill" for landfill, and "bushpaper" for toilet paper. To submit a new word, go to bushwhacked.com.

In addition to putting Bush's name everywhere, Maher's group also wants to see Bush's face plastered all over America. They are talking to many different companies. Waste Management, the largest trash company in America, might put Bush's face on the rear end of all their trash trucks, Maher said.

In addition, he hopes that Kimberly-Clark will put Bush's face on their paper towels, tissue paper, toilet paper, and disposable diapers. "I can't wait to blow my nose into Bush's face," said Maher, laughing.

Several companies are eager to work with Maher's group. He said that the public will soon see Bush's face on dartboards, Welcome mats, and the bottom of trash cans and kitty litter boxes. One company is putting his face on their fly swatters. "Bush ruined this country," said Maher, "so we want to ruin his image. Unfortunately, the man is such a dope that when he sees his face on a yellow plastic fly swatter, he'll probably feel flattered."

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