8. Ridesharing


Most people have a regular work or school schedule to adhere to. Many jobs and classes are conducted during the early morning to mid-afternoon hours, but of course there are exceptions. In California, there are many ways to get to work and school during these rush hours. This includes public transportation such as commuter trains and buses. Additionally, many people use their own transportation to get to and from where they are going. This is where car-pooling and HOV (High-Occupancy Vehicles) lanes come in handy.

Carpooling is where a group of people join together to share a ride to work or school. Some large companies encourage their employees to carpool, and actually help match people with each other. It is a simple concept. Two, or more people who live close to each other and work in the same place can make arrangements to meet at specific times and in specific locations to share rides. The more people who join a carpool, the better the benefits. Having four people in your group is better than two because the more people who contribute to expenses, the less each individual pays. Expenses usually include gas and toll fares. Additionally, each person takes turns using his or her car which saves wear on their vehicles.

Another benefit that comes from carpooling is that you get to use the HOV Lanes on freeways. These lanes are reserved for carpools meaning not everyone can use them. They are generally free of traffic congestion, and can make your commute to work or school a quick and easy trip. So if you are interested in saving a little money on gas, or not using your car every day, look to your peers to start a carpool. All it takes is one other person to start a carpool, and the benefits may prove to be a pleasant experience.

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