9. Getting Around in the Country

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The United States of America has a large and complex network in place for getting from one place to another throughout the country. These travel methods serve well not only Americans whenever they go on vacation or on a business trip to another city, but also those who work, or attend school in the same city they live in. In California, which is the most populous state in the country and the third largest in area, getting around is easy. There are commuter trains to take people quickly and efficiently to and from work, school, or when on recreation. Additionally, nearly every city has bus service that commuters can use to reach other neighborhoods. Southern California boasts the largest car culture in the country. Nearly everyone in the region owns a car that they use on a daily basis to get to work, school, or elsewhere.

In recent years there has been great importance placed on expanding the existing commuter train system in California. In Southern California, Metro has added a number of new commuter train lines that help residents get from place to place. The same situation exists in other large cities and regions throughout the state. California has also decided to build a high-speed rail line linking Southern California with Northern California. This "Bullet Train" is currently under construction and should be in place in the near future. Once it is built it will give travelers who would normally fly an option to take the train instead. This is good news to those who are afraid of flying, or do not have time to take a bus.

Other ways of getting around in the country have appeared in recent years. Car sharing services such as Uber and Lyft have come onto the scene. These services are similar to taking a traditional Taxi, and are very popular. All these services will pick you up and take you to your destination for a fee.

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