4. Universities, Colleges, and Vocational Schools


In the United States there are many different types of schools students can enroll in after high school. In California, students have three public colleges and universities to choose from. They are the community college system, which has more than 113 schools statewide, the 23 Cal State Universities, and the 10 University of California schools. Each school is unique from the other. The community college system can be seen as a stepping stone for admittance into a Cal State, or UC school. They offer lower-division classes that are transferable to both university systems. Cal State schools are more education-based, while UCs are more research-based schools, so where a student attends after high school or community college depends on the individual.

One other option exists for those seeking a college education. It is vocational school. Vocational schools are generally not part of California's, public school system although there are exceptions. Some of the Cal States offer vocational courses in various fields. These schools include Cal Poly Pomona, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, and Cal State Channel Islands. These three schools offer vocational training in specific areas that might appeal to some students.

Traditional vocational schools can be found throughout the state. These schools offer classes in nearly all vocational studies, such as Automotive Technology, Information Technology, and technical trainings in the medical field. Vocational schools can be an attractive option for some students who do not want to commit to a 4-year college program. Students who attend these schools can earn both degrees and certificates in their chosen fields in as little as six months to a couple of years depending on the course of study. Be sure to check the graduation and job-placement rates for these schools before selecting one.

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