5. Finding a School for your Children

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One of the most important decisions a parent has to make is where to place his or her child into school. It is the second most important decision you will make as a parent - apart from deciding to have children in the first place. It is a very personal decision that is based on many factors. Some of those factors are having a strong teacher and child relationship, ensuring the school you choose is proficient in Math and English studies, and picking a school your child is comfortable with.

The connection between a child and a teacher is more important than any curriculum. Think of it this way: your 3 or 4-year-old is accustomed to being surrounded by loving people like his or her parents or siblings throughout the day, and the school is your children's first time to spend a large portion of their day away from those people; you want to look for a preschool teacher who is good with students, takes pride in his or her students' progress, and is consistently open to their improvement. The only way to know all this is to talk to your teacher.

English and Math proficiency is the key to a successful academic career. It is okay to ask about a school's success rate in these two critical areas. Pick a school that has shown a solid history of student academic success in these subjects. If a school is good at teaching these basic skills, then there is a good chance your child will benefit from it. Another thing to remember is your child's feelings. Children are more perceptive than you may realize, and they lack the ability to successfully communicate this to adults. So talk to your child, ask them how they feel about the school, and listen carefully to what they say.

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