1. When You Should Call 911

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The 911 telephone emergency call system is one of the most important things newcomers should know about if they are planning to live in the United States. This is a phone number that everyone can use to call for help in an emergency. Typical emergency calls can be made to 911 if you feel in danger of any kind. The number can also be used to report other emergencies such as fires, automobile accidents, personal injuries, or thefts.

The 911 emergency number is a very useful tool that was first put into use in the late 1960s, but it wasn't until the early 1980s that most of the country had the system in place. Today, 96 percent of the United States has a 911 call system in place. Additionally, 911 can be called from just about every phone in the country. A person can use their personal cell phone, a public pay phone, a home phone, or business work phone to make the call. 911 is an important number to remember.

An example of when a person can call 911 is when he or she witnesses an auto accident. If a person is driving through the streets or freeways and witnesses an accident, it would be smart to call 911 to report the accident. Many things can happen when there is an auto accident, and some may not be apparent. The drivers and passengers could be injured and in need of medical attention. By calling 911, the proper authorities will be notified in the fastest possible way. The 911 operator will contact the police department and emergency medical personnel, who will respond quickly to the call for help. This call could save someone's life, and that life may even be a loved one.

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