2. When to Go to the Emergency Room

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An emergency room (ER) is a medical facility that serves people who are in need of emergency medical treatment. Sometimes ERs are called trauma centers. It is important to know a few things about ER services before you go to one when you are in need of immediate medical attention.

The first thing you should do is to locate the nearest ER in the neighborhood you live in since that is where you spend the majority of your time. It would also be a good idea to know where the ERs are near your place of work or school. ERs are for emergency treatment only. If you are in an auto accident, or have fallen and feel confused, it may be good to get to an ER to get checked out. Other symptoms that may require ER services are, shortness of breath, severe pain, pressure on the chest, or changes in your vision. In cases of severe trauma, emergency medical personnel such as paramedics will be sent to your location for assessment and treatment. If this occurs and it is determined that you need further emergency treatment, the paramedics, or an ambulance will transport you to the nearest center.

It is also important to know that ERs are expensive, so if you don't have medical insurance, a visit to an ER can be expensive. This is not to say that you must have insurance to receive emergency medical treatment though. ERs cannot refuse treatment to any person regardless of their ability to pay for the service. Be prepared to answer questions that medical personnel will ask. Sometimes these questions may seem too personal, but it is necessary to know as much about you before medical providers can treat you properly.

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