7. Adapting to Your New Environment

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When you first start working at a new job, you will meet people who may be very different from yourself. Not everyone comes from the same region, or have the same background that you do. It is important to know that different people may react differently about the same set of circumstances. This is not only true about your co-workers, but maybe even the management of the company you work for. Management styles vary from person to person. Some managers may want to micro-manage everything you do, while others may take a more casual stance on supervision.

An example of this could be the way managers react to tardiness. Some managers may not be bothered if you are a few minutes late to work, while others may become very angry if you are even a minute late to work. You must know what your manager is looking for from you. If you know your manager does not tolerate tardiness, come into work a little early to avoid angering him or her. Leaving your home a few minutes early can be helpful in case there is a situation that may make you late.

Getting along with your co-workers is also very important. Try to find common ground between you and a co-worker. You may even be surprised that some of your co-workers have the same interests that you enjoy. It is always easier to work with someone that you have some connection with. Of course, you may find yourself working with someone that is difficult to get along with, but that does not mean you cannot work well together. It just may take both of you a little bit of effort. Communication is key in these types of situations. If your co-worker understands you, then working together may be easier.

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