8. Trying to Keep Your Job

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Getting a job is one of the most satisfying things people can do to help improve their lives. Living costs money. There are several costs associated with living on your own. The biggest one is usually the cost of a mortgage if you are fortunate enough to own a home. Rent can also be expensive depending on where you live. Then there are costs such as car payments, insurance, food, clothing, and miscellaneous items. To live better, it is best to acquire a high-paying job. The higher the job pays, the easier it is to meet your financial responsibilities, but there are exceptions to that rule. Some people want to enjoy the work they do, and pay is secondary.

Many jobs use a time clock system to keep track of the hours their employees work. If a worker works a set number of hours, usually 40, time clocks are an efficient way to keep track. It not only tracks the number of hours employees work, but it can also show if the employees are coming in on time, and leaving after the work shift is over. You do not want your time clock to record too many late arrivals or absences. It is a good idea to come into work a few minutes early in case you are delayed on your trip. There are many ways an employee can be delayed on his or her trip to the workplace. If you drive your own car, there can be accidents or car failure. If you use public transportation, buses and trains can also be delayed, so give yourself a few extra minutes. It is always best to prepare for the unexpected.

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