9. Do Your Best at Work

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Once a person lands a new job, it is time to get serious about your work. Your place of employment, and the job you do there deserves your total attention. Your employer has selected you from a large pool of people who also applied for your job. Since they believed in you, it would be a good idea to do your absolute best with the tasks given to you. It does not matter what your tasks are. Whether it is working in an office, or a warehouse, you want to do the very best you can. After all, you accepted the position.

One of the most important things you can do to be efficient is to be proactive. Being proactive means that you actively seek out things to do that can improve your work situation. It might be something like tidying up your workstation. Do not wait until your boss tells you to clean up. Do it on your own if you see your workstation is messy. Another way to be proactive is to make suggestions on how to better do the tasks you are assigned. Finding new ways to help the company become more efficient will always get you noticed by your employer.

Say, for instance, you are in charge of invoicing your customers' orders, but there is always a delay between when the products or services are delivered and when you get your paperwork for invoicing. Maybe the paperwork gets hung up in accounting, or in shipping and receiving. Who knows? If you have a suggestion that improves the flow of paperwork, then suggest it to your boss. Don't be disappointed if they do not like your idea though. Your suggestion shows your employer that you are thinking, and are a contributing member of the company, which is always a good thing.

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