8. How to Be a Good Parent


Parenting is one of the difficult tasks people have to undertake if they have children. Parents are charged with raising children from birth until the child's 18th birthday. It is a challenging prospect these days for a variety of reasons. Each child is unique, so is the parent. In the best possible situation, a child, or children will grow up in a two-parent household. This traditionally means with a father and a mother, although today it could just mean a two-adult household. In any event, research has shown that children are better adapted to adulthood when there is a two-parent presence in the household they grew up in.

There are many theories on which style of parenting is best for children. Some may say that giving tough love is the best way to parent. Tough love is usually defined as letting your children learn about life through their own experiences, whether they are good experiences or not. Then there is the over-nurturing type of parenting. This is where the parents micro-manage their children's activities, and praise and encourage them regardless of their performances. Some would argue that this approach does not prepare children for the real world, others argue that it is the job of the parent to protect their children. The debate can last indefinitely.

Some of the pitfalls of parenthood are mistreating their children, and committing child abuse. The definition of child abuse has changed greatly over the years. It used to be accepted behavior to hit a child when that child acted in an improper manner, but that is largely frowned upon today. The best thing to do is to do a little research. You can find a parenting group in your neighborhood, and look for resources online. There is help out there. It is just a matter of finding it.

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