9. A Healthy Child Is a Good Child

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Children depend on their parents for guidance, strength, and character. It is a parent's job to ensure that their children have a great chance to succeed in this world. That includes making sure their children are healthy. One of the things parents can do is to ensure that their children eat a healthy diet. Children should eat three healthy meals a day, plus a nutritious snack or two. Another thing parents can do for their children is to make sure they drink plenty of water. Water is crucial to the health of a growing child, and it is good for adults, too.

Parents should also limit the amount of sugar and fat their children consume. Unhealthy foods include sugary sodas, juice, fried foods, and candy. These foods have little or no nutritional value and can cause your child to become dependent on sugary snacks for a quick boost. Sometimes the best thing you could tell your child is "No." Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so give your child a healthy breakfast every morning, which is vital to a child's well-being. It will allow your child to concentrate on his or her school work better, and will fuel them until it is time for lunch. There is no better energy boost than a good breakfast to start your child's day.

Practicing good hygienic habits are also good for your children. Teach them to brush their teeth, to wash their hands, and to bathe themselves at an early age. Of course the best way to teach your child these habits, or anything else, is for you to act as a role model. If they see you practicing good habits, they will also do the same. Remember, a healthy child is a happy child.

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