33. A Night in Las Vegas

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Nancy Scott just turned 21 last October. She was excited about finally being able to go to concerts that were strictly 21 and over. She decided that she would go to Las Vegas for her first concert. Jennifer, Nancy's sister, decided to go along with her because she didn't want her sister to go alone and get lost. Jennifer called her friends Matt and Jake, and they all decided to make the drive to Las Vegas.

As they arrived in Las Vegas, they parked their car in the parking lot of the hotel they were staying in. Nancy took a shower, and then Jennifer took one. They got dressed and then met both Matt and Jake in the lobby of the hotel. Nancy was so excited; she asked her sister if she wanted to get a drink. Jennifer agreed and said "OK, but only one." Jennifer bought her sister a giant drink that came in a four-foot tall cup, and she got the same. Nancy couldn't believe how big the drink was. "It's almost as tall as me," Nancy said. Jennifer laughed and took a drink from her cup.

Matt and Jake arrived first at the place where the concert was going to be. They called the sisters, and told them where to meet them. Nancy was excited to see the concert, because one of her favorite bands was playing. As they got in line to get in, Jennifer went to the restroom. When Jennifer was getting back to her friends and sister, she met one of the members of the band named Jill. Jennifer told Jill about Nancy coming all the way to Las Vegas to see this show, and if she could do something special for her. Jill smiled and said sure. She reached into her purse and gave Jennifer four backstage passes. Jennifer hugged Jill and said thank you. Jennifer ran back to Nancy, and told her to close her eyes. When Jennifer told Nancy to open her eyes, she was holding up the backstage passes in front of Nancy. Nancy began jumping up and down with joy.

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