34. The Girl Next Door


James Baker was only 12 years old when his parents decided to move the family to a new town. At first James was heartbroken, because he had to leave his friends behind. His mother told James that it would be okay, and that he would make new friends.

When James and his family finally arrived at their new home, they decided to go out to meet the neighbors. It was a typical American suburban neighborhood. Every house had a big lawn in the front with a walkway leading up to the door. James felt uncomfortable, and he didn't want to meet the neighbors. The first house they went to belonged to an elderly couple. They seemed nice, but they didn't have any kids that were James's age. The next house they visited had bicycles parked by the garage door, so James thought kids of his age might live there. James knocked on the door, and a young girl named Linda answered. James became nervous, and he let his mother do the talking. Linda's parents weren't home, but she told James's mother that they would go visit when they got home. Linda smiled at James, said goodbye, and closed the door.

As they were walking back to their house next door, James looked back and noticed Linda was looking at him through the window. James looked at her, and Linda smiled. When they got home, James went to his new room. He took a look outside his window, and noticed that he could see Linda in her room. He couldn't help looking at her. He thought she was the prettiest girl he had ever seen. As James was looking at her, he heard his mother calling. "I'll go downstairs in a moment, mom," James said as he turned away from the window. When James looked back to Linda, she was staring right at him. James fell down to the floor, and said in a whisper "Oh, no. I hope she didn't see me. Oh, please. Please." Linda saw him, and laughed. She thought James was cute.

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