40. The Divorce

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It's been six months since Jason White's parents were officially divorced. At first Jason was sad. He thought that it was his fault that his parents had gotten divorced. One day, while Jason was at his dad's new apartment, he asked his dad a question. "Why did you get divorced with mom, dad?" Jason asked. His dad didn't want to talk about it. He told Jason that he would understand when he was older.

The following day, Jason went back home with his mother. During the car ride, he asked his mother the same question. "Why did you get divorced with dad, mom?" Jason asked. She told Jason the same thing his father had told him. Jason didn't understand why they couldn't tell him the reason. He was ten years old, but he felt like he was still six. A week had passed since Jason asked his parents the question. Things weren't looking great for his parents. His mom would cry, and his dad would always be mad.

Jason began getting angry with his parents. One day, after school, Jason decided to go over to his friend Matt's house. He asked Matt if he could sleep over for a couple of days. Matt said yes, so Jason went to get some clothes from his house before his mom got home. Jason got back to Matt's house. He told Matt not to tell Matt's mom and his mom that he was staying there. He didn't want anyone to know that he was there. Matt agreed.

At around midnight, Jason's mom called Matt's mom to ask if Jason had stopped by. As Matt didn't tell his mom, so his mom said no. The following day, Jason saw that the police were looking for him. His mother and father had called the police. Matt began to get worried because he didn't want to lie to the police. He called Jason's parents, and told them that Jason was at his house. When Jason's parents arrived at Matt's house, Jason wanted to leave through the window. Matt told him that his parents were worried sick, and that he had to go back. His parents came into Matt's room, and saw Jason. They ran to him and hugged him. Jason's dad turned to his ex-wife and gave her a big hug and a kiss. Jason felt happy, but confused.

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