41. The Last Drink

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Karen and Betty Robinson were out celebrating their birthdays. They were identical twins, and had just turned 30. They went out to a baseball game with a couple of friends. They all bought themselves beer, and each drank eight beers. Karen couldn't drink as much as Betty could, so she had gotten drunk by the fifth beer. Karen and Betty knew that they were going to be drinking, so they decided to take the bus to the game. Their friends all came on the bus as well.

When it was time to go home, Karen and Betty got back on the bus with their friends. They got to Union Station, and got off to catch their train home. They said bye to their friends, and went to catch the train. People looked at them weird, because they could tell that they were drunk. When they were on the train, Karen began to feel sick. Betty looked at her, and started to laugh. Karen started to vomit, but she stopped herself. She got out of the train, and went running to the bathroom to finish vomiting.

When they got home, Betty told Karen to drink another beer to calm her stomach. Karen agreed and drank it. It calmed her down, and then she fell asleep. The next day, Karen and Betty woke up sick. They couldn't believe how drunk they had gotten. They both felt terrible. Their stomachs hurt; their heads hurt; they both felt dizzy. When Betty got to work, she found a closet and fell asleep. When Karen got to work, she went to the restroom and threw up. When they both got out of work, they promised themselves that they wouldn't drink like that ever again.

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