43. Richard's Father

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Richard grew up in Los Angeles, California, and had a pretty good life. There was food on the table and he had plenty of clothes to wear. He didn't really have any needs. He went to a good school in a nice area of the city, and had many friends. Richard grew up with three older sisters, who also enjoyed their life in California, and had many friends. All this was possible because of their father Michael.

Michael was born into poverty in a small town just outside of Mexico City. When Michael was a boy, he remembered times when there was not enough food to eat, or fresh water to drink. Whenever he was thirsty, he would go to the river to collect water. Michael lived in a hut that had no floor. Many times he slept on the dirt, with just a blanket between him and the ground.

That all changed when, at the age of 17, Michael emigrated to the United States with his family. The first few years were almost as difficult as it was in Mexico, but gradually things began getting better for Michael and his family.

When Michael turned 19, he decided to enroll into a community college. His father had always stressed the importance of learning English while they lived in Mexico. That talent was very useful to Michael now. Soon Michael was bringing home excellent report cards. Because of this, he was able to transfer to a university and earned his degree in engineering.

Michael got a great job that paid well, which allowed him to move into a better part of town, and to help his parents, too. He soon had a family of his own. When Richard was born, it was the happiest day in Michael's life.

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