44. The Bartender

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As a bartender at one of Los Angeles's busiest clubs, Daniel King often saw a lot of weird stuff. During the last party he worked, he saw five people throwing up on the dance floor, two fights, and a girl losing her top in front of everyone. The weirdest thing that ever happened to Daniel was when a drunken girl asked him to dance. He denied at first, but when she came back for another drink, she dragged him to the dance floor.

Girls had dragged Daniel to the dance floor before, but this time was different. The girls that dragged him out before actually knew how to dance, but this girl did not and was drunk. She kept jumping up and down. Shaking her body and looking at Daniel straight in the eyes. She was so drunk that she kept bumping into the other people that were dancing.

As the music played, the girl kept jumping and dancing. She kept yelling to Daniel that she had to go to the restroom, but he couldn't hear her. She yelled at Daniel once more and that's when it happened. She had an accident on the dance floor. Some of her urine actually got on Daniel's shoes. After it happened, the girl was so embarrassed that she ran out of the club crying. Daniel couldn't believe what had happened. He told people to move out of the way, while his friend came over to clean up the dance floor.

The weird thing about that incident was that the girl came back the next day looking for her cell phone, but she didn't remember Daniel. Daniel wanted to go hide, because he thought she would recognize him, but she didn't. Daniel decided that he would never go out to dance with another girl while he was working.

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