79. I Hate Summer

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Paul Young and Mark Allen were good friends. They both hated summer. Paul hated that it was always hot. Mark hated that the park by his house was always crowded. "I hate summer," Paul told Mark as they played video games in Mark's room. "I know. Besides not going to school, there is nothing else that's good about summer," Mark said.

As the two friends played their game, Mark's mom started getting upset with the boys. "Why don't you boys go outside?" Mark's mom asked. Mark replied, "Too many people, and it's too hot." Mark's mom had enough; she unplugged the game and told Mark that they had to go outside and do something else. They decided to go to the arcade, because at least there they could play games and be inside an air-conditioned building.

When they got there, they realized that two of their friends were at the arcade, too. It was Susan and Carol. Paul liked Susan; Mark didn't really like Carol that much, but he agreed to stay with Carol, so that Paul could hang out with Susan alone. "Don't do anything stupid, Mark," Paul said. "Oh, shut up and go talk to Susan," Mark said. Paul went up to Susan and asked her if she wanted to play a shooting game with him. She said yes. After they played the game, they went back to meet with Carol and Mark.

"You know, Carol and I were about to leave. You guys want to come with us?" Susan asked the boys. "Sure, where to?" Paul asked. Susan said that they were going to the park, because she liked to see all the people having fun there. "Awesome, I love going to the park during the summer," Paul said. He looked at Mark and whispered, "Shut up, don't say anything." They all left, and Mark looked like he was going to cry. "I hate summer," Mark said to himself.

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