80. Jumping Over Fireworks

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Nancy Young had always loved celebrating the Fourth of July, the holiday that celebrates America's independence. She loved the meaning of the day. She also loved lighting fireworks. She loved all types of fireworks. Nancy had three brothers, and they all loved the Fourth of July. Nancy's youngest brother Peter loved lighting up the fireworks. Although Nancy's parents didn't have that much money, they decided to buy a lot of fireworks for their children. They wanted their children to have a great Fourth of July. Once they got the fireworks, Nancy decided to split them with her brothers. She got the most, and her brothers got the rest.

Nancy's parents decided to go to the park to light the fireworks this year. Peter decided to light the first one. It exploded, and scared Nancy. Nancy decided to light one. It was a sparkler, which meant that it would only send sparks up into the sky, and would not explode. Nancy loved how it looked. She lit another one to see how it would look like. Peter had the idea to jump over the fireworks. Even though Nancy said no, Peter decided to jump over it.

Peter got ready. He tied his shoes to make sure his shoe laces weren't hanging out of his shoes, and that he had enough distance to jump over the sparks. Peter started running and then jumped. When he landed on the other side, he started screaming in pain. A spark had gotten into Peter's eye. He fell to the ground and started asking for ice. Nancy brought him a bag of ice to cover his eye. During the next day, Peter had to get glasses because of the damage he had suffered in his eye. The doctor asked him, "What's the important lesson here?" Peter responded with, "Don't jump over fireworks."

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