101. Learning to Swim

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Little Tommy had been bugging his parents to teach him how to swim. He was only six years old, but he wanted to learn ever since watching the London Summer Olympics. He was only four years old at the time, but he remembers watching Michael Phelps win six gold medals, and wanted to be just like him. Tommy's parents thought he was too young at the time, but decided the time was right to give him lessons.

Many homes in the United States have swimming pools, but Tommy's did not. His parents lived in a condominium, which is like an apartment complex. So Tommy's parents took him to the local YMCA to enroll him into swimming classes. "This place is big," said Tommy. Everyone is so big and strong. Tommy was just a kid, but he was determined to learn how to swim.

When the family reached the pool, Tommy's jaw almost dropped to the floor. He was amazed at the size of the pool. He had never seen anything so large in his life. It was an Olympic-sized pool and there were many swimmers doing laps while others were just playing around, or diving off the three diving boards. Tommy got even more excited.

Off to the left, there were a group of kids about Tommy's age, who were already in a swimming class. Some of the younger kids were crying, but that was okay with Tommy. He was not afraid though. He was determined to learn how to swim.

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