102. Tango in the Park

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Mary always loved dancing. She especially loved dancing different styles from across Latin America. In college she took classes to learn mambo and cha-cha, both dances were originally from Cuba. Her friends from the Dominican Republic showed Mary how to dance merengue and bachata. A Puerto Rican friend held a salsa dancing party in her house. Before then Mary always just thought salsa was something you ate on tacos or with nachos. She had no idea it was also the name of a dance style. One dance style that Mary had yet to try was tango from Argentina.

Tango seemed so complicated to Mary. The footwork was very intricate. She imagined she would end up stepping on her partner's feet. Mary hadn't had a tango partner yet. She didn't have a dance partner in general. In classes, instructors always paired her up with fellow classmates. At dance clubs it was easy to find a dance partner. Tango classes were expensive though. Mary didn't even think there were any tango clubs.

One day Mary received an email from a friend with information about a tango night outside the city's music center. Musicians would be playing tango music and instructors would teach the basic steps. The best of all, the event was free and no partner was required.

On the night of the tango event, Mary wore her high-heeled dancing shoes. There was a wooden dance floor in the middle of the music center plaza. A group of musicians played on a small stage in front of the dance floor. "May I have this dance?" a man asked Mary when she arrived. He wore a sticker with the words "dance instructor" on it. Mary accepted the invitation to dance. That night Mary learned that it did take two to tango.

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