103. A Step Pet

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When James divorced his wife Patricia, he moved out of the house they bought together. James and Patricia shared custody of their teenager son Robert. Robert would stay with his father four days a week, from Thursday through Sunday. At first James didn't mind leaving behind the family dog Spot. James and Patricia bought the dog when Robert was just a three-year-old toddler. Not having to take care of Spot meant James didn't have to worry about cleaning up after the dog, and budgeting for dog food and treats. James also didn't have to worry about taking the dog to the vet and the expensive vet bills.

Two years after James divorced Patricia, he remarried. His new wife Linda had two daughters. The two daughters got along well with James's son Robert. The two daughters had never had a pet though. One of them was very allergic to cats and Linda was not an animal person. She thought they were too much work and required too much attention. Her daughters really wanted a pet though.

James had an idea. Just like he shared custody of Robert with his ex-wife, what if he shared custody of the dog Spot. James could bring the dog to the house when he picked up James every Thursday and bring the dog back to his ex-wife's house on Sunday. Linda thought it was an interesting idea and agreed to try it. James's ex-wife Patricia really liked the idea. It gave her a break from having to take care of Spot. Robert was really happy because he didn't have to leave his dog behind, and his best animal friend could be with him all the time. Linda's daughters were especially happy to have a part-time pet. "Now we have a step brother and a step pet!" they said.

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