107. Going to Community College


In 2012, Jose started going to community college. He wanted to learn new things and make new friends. He was nervous the night before the school started, and could not sleep. When he woke up in the morning, he couldn't wait to take the bus to school. The first day of school was very exciting for him. He saw many types of people all around; there were tall buildings everywhere, which was just like his dreams. He hoped he wouldn't get lost on his way to class.

Jose asked for directions to his class from a person. The person told him where to go and Jose hurried to his class. He thought he was going to be late. Then he slipped on some mud and fell. His brand-new Levi's Jeans got muddy. Fortunately, he made it to class on time. His teacher asked him what had happened to his pants.

After the class, Jose had to take the bus home. When he reached into his pockets, he realized he had no bus fare. "How am I going to get home?", Jose said to himself. One helpful person heard this and gave him one dollar and fifty cents. Jose thanked the person and got on the bus.

Jose was hungry when he got home. He had not eaten the whole day. He went to the kitchen to see what his mother was cooking. He jumped for joy when he saw that she was cooking Chicken in Mole, which was his favorite Mexican dish. The food was not yet ready. Jose had to wait fifteen more minutes. By the time the food was prepared, his stomach was hurting. Jose quickly ate all his food.

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