106. Learning to Ride Bike


It was a hot summer day in Los Angeles. The temperature for the day was about 95 degrees Fahrenheit. Suzie, a little girl, loved sitting on the porch to watch the boys playing in the yard. Today, her friends were riding their bikes up and down the street. The two boys were Joey and Bob, and they were trying to see who could ride their bikes faster. On one race, Bobby got out to a big lead, but Joey was getting closer. Bobby was getting tired and Joey was able to pass him. Suzie was having fun watching them when her mother came outside and asked her what she was doing. "I'm watching the boys ride their bicycles, Mommy," she said. Then Suzie asked her mom if she could teach her how to ride. Her mom thought about it for a while. She was thinking that Suzie might be too young to learn how to ride, but in the end, she thought it was time for her to learn.

Suzie was only four years old at the time. She was a little scared at first, but she loved the bike her mother had bought her and was very excited. Her mom held onto the bike as Suzie slowly started to peddle. She gained speed and was having fun when she fell on the sidewalk scraping her knee. Suzie began to cry from the pain, but her mom told her she was okay. After a few minutes, Suzie stopped crying and got back on her bike and started peddling again. She fell a few more times, but didn't cry much after that. She just kept getting up and tried again and again. Suzie was learning how to keep her balance and was riding along when she noticed that her mother wasn't holding the bike anymore. She got scared, but soon realized she could ride a bike all by herself. Suzie was very happy.

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