105. A Teddy Bear


Sally loved her brown stuffed teddy bear. It was old, worn out, and missing an eye, but Sally loved it all the same. One day her mother took her to the neighborhood playground, so that Sally could play with her friend Johnny. Johnny's mom was friends with Sally's mom. Seeing that she never left the house without her bear, Sally's mom took the teddy bear with her.

After Sally had played long enough, she fell asleep on her mom's arms. Her mom put her back into the small mini-van and drove back home. As she was putting Sally to sleep, she woke up and asked for her teddy bear. The mom went looking for it in the mini-van, but she couldn't find it. She went to Sally's room and told her that the bear had been lost. Sally started crying. She cried all night until she fell asleep.

As Sally's mom was clearing the dining-room table, she heard a knock at the door. She opened it, and saw Johnny's mom standing at the doorstep with the old worn-out bear. She started jumping with joy and thanked Johnny's mom. Sally's mom walked slowly into Sally's room, raised up Sally's blanket, and placed the bear under Sally's arms. She then turned around to Sally's desk looking at the picture of Sally's dad giving her the bear as he left to the army. She smiled and kissed Sally on the forehead, then gave one to the bear as well.

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