30. Golf Lessons

30. Golf Lessons

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Tim called Howard. Tim needed help. He needed help with his golf swing. He had a bad golf swing. He was a bad golfer. Howard had a good golf swing. He was a good golfer. "Will you help me improve my golf swing?" Tim asked. "Yes, I'll help you improve your golf swing," said Howard. "Why do you want to improve it?" Tim said, "My boss thinks I'm a good golfer. He wants to play golf with me next week." "Next week?" asked Howard. "You want to improve your golf swing by next week? I can't help you." "Why can't you help me?" asked Tim. "Because you have a bad golf swing. It will take many weeks to improve your golf swing," said Howard. "But I only have one week," Tim said. Howard told Tim to pray for rain next week. "Okay, I'll pray for rain," said Tim.

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