62. Don't Call Me "Honey"

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"Don't call me Honey anymore," Fanny said. "Okay, Honey," Rich said. "I mean it!" she said. "Don't call me Honey. Don't call me Sugar. Don't call me Sweetie." Rich was confused. "I am confused, Darling," he said. "Why can't I call you Honey? Why can't I call you Sugar? Why can't I call you Sweetie?" Fanny said, "Because you used to call your ex-wife those names. When you call me those names, I think of your ex-wife. When I think of your ex-wife, I get angry. So don't make me angry." Rich was still confused. "But what can I call you, Darling?" Fanny said, "Don't call me Darling, either. Call me Fanny." "Yes, dear," said Rich. Fanny said, "Dear? Don't call me Dear, either. Call me Fanny. My name is Fanny." Rich said, "I don't want to call you Fanny--I want to call you something special."

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